Friday, April 25, 2008

"wether to become a doctor
or a dog,
to become an enginner
or an engine,
to become an accountant or
an account clerk,
depend on your attitude
and your fate, partly"
said Mike. My PA tuition teacher.

beside funny about the word, i also feel very shock and realise that my future will be determined within this 20-30 weeks later, after the STPM.

but just a fews day after i wrote Mike's word on the white board, it is saw by Mr.Lee, our Math teacher, he is disagree with the statement and said that:

"it shouldn't be write like that,

it should be

wether to become a doctor

or a ..............

to become an engineer

or an enginner's boss

to be an accountant

or a ..........."

sorry, forget what he had said, but however, i feel that he is saying the right thing that wether we success or fail in the damn hard STPM exam, we also had to work in the community at the day after that. Till then, our new challenge will come face to face with us like financial problems and this and that ....

no matter how they said, but i will stick to my father lesson that he tell me: It okays if you fail in your exam, it won't kill you but never fail in your life...