Wednesday, June 25, 2008

At home

Mom: Every night blogging until morning, sure no girl will want you!
Kee: Sure got.
Mom: What girl will want a blogger?
Kee: I will find one.
Mom: When you find one, she will run away!

(Computer suddenly turns off)
(Take motorcycle keys, go Cyber café)


Girl: Nice Blog!
Kee: Are you a blogger too?
Girl: That what my mom call me…
(Kee: “Mom: When you find one, she will run away!”)
Kee: If I sit next to you, would run away?
Girl: I am not going anywhere, because I am busy clicking my blog
Kee: That great! Can you also click on my blog®? Thank You…..


Monday, June 23, 2008

The Benefits Of Camera Phones

1: Digital Post card

Many people found that the time required sending a post card to relatives or friends is so long as it is possible for the post card to reach at their hand when your vacations is over. Seem so meaningless…

I suggest that: get the stamps cost saved, just use the camera phone to capture the scenes, add some words and press send. Your friends will get the post card created originally by yourself immediately at the side of the world.

2. Dating Assistant

Ever find it difficult to meet your friends in the mall or on the road to reach the destination?

Just snap photos of some unique stuff around you and send it to ask your friends. It is useful for them who are new in the city.

3. Events Manager

Is very nervous when we found that no pen or paper around us to note important things. Next time when you want to remember the dobby shops operating hours , just takes a photos of it.

4. Interior Design

When you saw a set of sofa during shopping and it seems so suitable for your home, just use your phone to take photo of it, or share it with your friends. Another suggestion, if you don’t have any idea on how to decorate your home, just go to the showroom in the furniture outlets to snap the decoration and have a analysis at home.

5. Snap On-Scenes Photo

Sometimes the camera men are not at the scenes, many reporters and bystanders will use their camera phones to take the latest view to the studios. Many television channels like CNN encourages peoples to take the latest and most valuable news, so call paparazzi sports.

6. New Hair Style

Many people faces the same problems, that is every when came back from the hair stylist, their hair seems so awesome, but after a night of sleep, they will forgot how to make the same as the stylish does, some even don’t remember what is their hair style yesterday!

Try this: Before leaving the hair saloon, using your camera phone to take a photo of hair style, then you’ll be able to remember.

7. As Mirror

To check whether your tooth have any foods remains, please kindly check it with your phones, look for something which don’t belongs to you tooth….

If you didn’t want anyone around you discover what are you doing, you can depress your heads and press on the keys in the phones under the table…

There is another method easier than the above one, just use the screen on phones which reflect light like mirror. If your business are known by others, tell them your friend just send you a funny messages.