Monday, June 15, 2009

my last day in Popular


feel very tired,



want to have a rest.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Apex University

The Requirements to Become Apex University

1. Apex in playing fool with student

About four thousand students who are already checked and confirmed their sits in the course on the website but just disappeared on the next day, this can be said as a joke.

2. Apex in the worst computer system

Ok, maybe this is the first time, so some problem will appear, but, hey, the computer just miss 4000 student?!

3. Apex in no people answering the phone in the office.

This is personal, I am a qualified student of the university, not too much, just making phone call through home line about 20 times and mobile phone for 10 times to ask my uncertainty , that’s weird, no people answer in this 30 calls, don’t tell me that day is public holiday, they even call me for confirmation after 5pm.

4. Apex in explaining the problem created

They say the students who are not chosen will be sent to other university as a way to settle the problem…and turning the topics…

By the way, I got computer science but I already reject it as I am gambling with upu…