Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Exciting Period

Feel very happy and free these few days.
Last sunday, me, chee keong, yipehn, kean hoong and poh sze went to the penang queensbay mall after visiting the pc fair at the pisa.

we played the roller skate, and turn upside down as we lost the balance.

but it was a great experience.

And the next day, we goto ye seong's house for a BBQ party and we stay in his for that night.
the party is held on the rooftop of the house, we also drink a lot of beers that night.... wakakakaz.


~regard to birdr@nger~ said...

not merely turn upside down tis pose ...
stil got
siak tua du
yi chi ma
gui tor ka
XD wakakazz
moreover got somone hug ur leg
y u dint write tis
scare bing bing wl envy leh ...