Saturday, May 3, 2008


Alphabet start with A B C;
Number start with 1 2 3;
Music start with notes and keys;
and i says:
Teacher in the C L B;
Physics start with L E G;
Math T start with Mr. LEE;
P.A start with O S C;
MUET start with O. Rose;
Chemistry start with Krisnansamy!
recently i went to public library with W.K.Koay and i saw that W.C.Khoo and Z.X.Tan also there doing revision,later Keongarrived, but after that, about 5.00pm, their "heart" is flying nowhere and started talking, finally they discussed about the teachers that teaching form 6,their teaching attitude and the way they treat the student. The below information is what i heard from them:
  1. Physics-talking like an old man they saids, always bother the girls infront only.
  2. Maths T-such a nice teacher, giving extra class with free.
  3. P.A.-always "shoot" the student they don't like.
  4. Chemistry-AS 1,2,5-always bother the girls infront only and hitting this and that(lower 6) ;AS 3,4-look down students who are not doing well in the exam.
  5. MUET-no comments.


~regard to birdr@nger~ said...

wa wa wa, spamming rumor ... XD

minami said...

aiks...kek sim wf u nia la...
call u all go to library to study,nt to chatting la!
kopitiam so many...aiyoyo,'hai wa tio buli'!