Monday, August 11, 2008

Bleeding Nipples

Guest what I see when I at the youth park, Penang, at Sunday(10/8/2008) stand by for Malakoff (a 26km marathon) in the position of a first aider. Like usual, some minor injuries like cramp at leg or some cut and abrasion may seen on the finisher body.

But the point is, while I am performing first aid on a cramped leg finisher (participant who are able to finished the route), an indian man just walk near by our base, sitting down and take off his shirt and looked at the nipples, in my thought that he just feel tired and drop down his head and I didn’t bother about him and continue my first aid.

Then, when I turn back again, I saw two of my partners using their forefinger pressing on the man nipple with a layer of gauze. What I mean is that each person pressed on a nipple. What the shit, my first respond is that I just walked away and can stand it and laughed at the side of our base.

What is funnier is that after I go back to my position, the man already wears his shirt and I noticed that two big red spot on the shirt on the chest…..LOL……XD. Is it the nipple can not stand the heat generated by body and burst?

After that, when I walked around the park and heard some of the participants also facing the same problem, according to them, the injury on the nipples is caused by the friction with the shirt they wear when they are running.


Cyren Wong said...

Ola nuffnanger!

Man that's just nasty! Funny...but nasty!

LOL! Did he sue?

Knight said... can cause nipple bleed..Looks true to me...

btw..ur font is kinda tiny..

keith_wyk said...

Dude.. I've seen such cases also while I'm doing my duty as a first aider.

I'm still amazed at how the nipples can bleed from running!