Thursday, September 18, 2008

They Said...

Loo Chai Har-4As-PCGHS-STPM 2000

“Times won’t wait for anyone .It won’t stop nor slow down its pace. You must know hot to utilize it wisely so that you won’t have an excuse for regret in the future.”

Dare to Fail. Cheong Soo Kai-5As-Badlishah-kulim-STPM 1998

“I wish to be the best. I must behave like one.”

Loh Kah Pin-4As-SXI-STPM 2000

“We remember 90% of what we attempt to teach to others.”

Yew Shiong Shiong-4As-CLHS-STPM 2000

“Out of 34 students in my class, 10 of them scored 4As. Its because we don’t only have competition, but also co-operation.”

Lucy Tan-5As-SGGS-STPM 1995

“Start studying now. This is your last hurdle and this is your last public exam. After that you will be ok. Study constantly.

Loh Kah Pin-4As-SXI-STPM 2000

“A reminder to those who fear form computer program can beat even the greatest chess players anytime, for only one simple reason. It  has no fear of losing.”

Ooi Chong Siang-4As-CLBW-STPM 2003

“To always look forward, not back and never to accept that anything is impossible. Never give up, always keep pushing forward.”

Yew Shiong Shiong-4As-CLHS-STPM 2000

‘Success in many things comes with 3D’s-Discipline, Dedication & Determination.”

R.Puthashanan-4As-BMHS-STPM 2000

“Those who do not realize the bitterness of studying even for a minute will have to suffer the bitterness of stupidity for the rest of life…”

Loh Kah Pin-4As-SXI-STPM 2000

“It is not what you have done that is a sin, it is what you left undo.”

Loh Jit Seng-5As-PFS-STPM 1999

“Like Bill said, we have to give and take. Thus we must put I a lot of effort to succeed. You may indulge in “lepak” computer games or even watching tv but make sure you have the same amount of time for your study. Lastly, study hard and study smart.

Eu Hooi Chuan-5As-St.Mark’s BW-STPM 1994

“Study with interest. Must have self confidence and discipline.”

Chang Boon Pin-5As-PFS-STPM 1997

“One must not only be healthy physically but also mentally to face the STPM.”

Loh Kah Pin-4As-SXI-STPM 2000

“A reminder for top scorers-being successful, one risks the danger of arrogance. They think that what they have done in the past will work in the future.”

  Lee Wan Chyi-5As-JSHS-STPM 1999

“There is no speed limit on the road to excellence.”

Tan Kenny-4As-CLHS-STPM 2000

“Stress on the importance of repetition. Always read and reread your notes. Only through repetition can you remember your facts like the back of your hands.”

Kee-CLBW-STPM 2008

"Winner winner, chicken dinner."

Khoo Chee Guan-4As-CLBW-STPM 2005

“Everyday study constantly, minimum 5 hours after from school excluding tuition classes.”

Koay Yi Ling-4As-BMHS-STPM 2005

“Enough rest, pay attention to what the teachers says and teach. Do not stress yourself and push yourself too hard.”

Chuah Sceu Chin-4As-PFS-STPM 2005

“Work hard and be consistent from the beginning. Don’t procrastinate because you’ll regret it and it’ll be too late when you do.”

Ong Soon Sheng-4As-CLHS-STPM 2005

“Always upgrade your dribbling skills (study skills) and dribble the ball past all defenders (obstacles) so that you can score a magnificent goal (great success) in your life.”

Lim Chong Teik-4As-PFS-STPM 2005

“Consistent-begin with the end in mind”

Guok Eng Ching-4As-CLBW-STPM 2005

‘By believing people do not plan to fail, but they simply fail to plan.

Low Piit Chinn-4As-Badlishah Kulim-STPM 2000

“I must sleep well, eat well, pray hard, and study smart to achieve my goal.”

Loh Kah Pin-4As-SXI-STPM 2000

“To avoid future regrets-there is no witness so dreadful, no accuser as horrible as that conscience that dwells in the heart of every student. So, stop fooling around and start preparing at once.”

Ho Shu Min-4As-CLBW-STPM 2005

“Diligence and intelligence. Time is precious. Never give up”

Guok Eng Ching-4As-CLBW-STPM 2005

“You are not judged by what you started but what you finished in the end.”

Lim Huan Key-4As-CLBW-STPM2004

“Believe in yourself, trust yourself, do it for you.”

Low Jun Jie-4As-CLBW-STPM 2004

”Make your own schedule. Do whatever you plan and study hard. Study when it is time to study, sleep when it is time to sleep, play when it is time to play. Always do not sacrifice the time to play and sleep because it is a way to relax your mind.”

Kelvin Koo Choon Keong-4As-CLBW-STPM 2004

“Fight until the last minute. Do not give up and do your best.”

Chang Boon Pin-5As-PFS-STPM 1997

“Do not give up no matter what happens. As long as the journey is not over yet, one has every chance to succeed.”

Ong Kok Tim-5As-PFS-STPM 1998

 “Never regret what you do today in the future.”

Cheong Soo Kai-5As-Badlishah Kulim-STPM 1998

“You wish to be the best, you must behave like one.”

Samuel Phan-5As-CLHS-STPM 1993

“Revise until you understand no mater how many times.”

Sim Teong Chuan-4As-JSHS-STPM 2002

“We paid to study. Please study professionally.”

Neoh Hor Kee-4As-PFS-STPM 2002

“Consistent is the best policy! When you study, study hard. When you play, play hard!”

Loh Chang Foo-5As-Permatng Rawa-STPM 1999

“Time passes by but it is up to us to just let it pass by or make full use of it to realize ours dream.”

Nicholas Ooi Boon Seng-4As-MBS-STPM 2001

“Believe in yourself. Think successful to be successful.”

Eu Hooi Chuan-5As-St, Mark’s BW-STPM 1994

“Study hard is the key to success in the STPM, The first step is self discipline and confidence. Make studying as one of your interest.”

Tan Lee Teak-5As-PFS-STPM 1994

“Set a goal. Organize yourself. Sacrifice and work towards it.”

Teoh Li Shar-4As-CLBW-STPM 2002

“Study hard and don’t forget to pray more. In my concept, 20% luck, 80% effort. Only that can assure you to get 100 marks in STPM.”

Ng Rui Lun-5As-CLHS-STPM 2002

“This is the last hurdle before reaching your dream. So, devote your time to study, study and study because your dream is around the corner.”

Loh Chang Foo-5As-Permatng Rawa-STPM 1999

“Conquer yourselves to sacrifice what we want now for what we want eventually.”

Ronnie Lim Chuin Hoong-4As-PFS-STPM 2002

“The problem is that most people who receive advise on how to study and how to build self confidence do not have enough discipline or will power to follow them.”

Choy Ker Woon-4As-SXI-STPM 2003

“5 things to think when you are studying-Parents, myself, teachers, money and future.”

Chew Chee Toong-4As-CLBW-STPM 2001

“Nothing is stronger than the will to succeed.”

Oh Ming Poh-5As-SGGS-STPM 1996

“Have proper planning. Plan your work and work your plan.”

Gan Chong Gim-5As-CLHS-STPM 1996

“Good results are the most valuable gift for our parents.”                 

Koh Mun Ying-4As-CLBW-STPM 2003

“Time management. Focus on studies. Study hard. Never give up and believe in yourself. Get enough sleep.”

Choo Choon Sean-4As-CLBW-STPM 2003

“Form a good habit of daily studies and exercise. Practice it and enhance it everyday.”

Choy Ker Woon-4As-SXI-STPM 2003

“Live life to the fullest. Play, eat, sleep and watch TV. Then you will appreciate the time left for your studies.”



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