Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Face-on Vacation

After being contacted by goai goai, I being noticed that the girls of 6as1 will go Pulau Redang in this

1st of June,

whether the boys got go or not.

Here is a list of packages that provided.

If you interested in this trip, please choose…

Option A

Laguna Island Resort (夏日的麽麽茶’s scene)


3 days 2 nights if expand 1 more day +RM198


All include the bus ticket to Kuala Terengganu and boat ticket to Pulau Redang

Activity: 2 times of seashore diving (not that with oxygen tank, because it need license)

1 time to Redang Marine Park

All the other time on the island are arranged by the travel agency like we can play around the island

1st night is only dinner and 2nd is barbeque dinner

Option B

Redang Bay Resort


All are same as above except expand 1 more day +RM120

Option C

Redang Pelangi Resort


All are same as above except expand 1 more day +RM100

source: goai goai recommended mia travel agency

Have your option now?

what ever your option is, please leave your to me...


stephy said...

i forget tell u..
tat package nt include d mask set,power mask,life jacket..
so v go there have to pay this kind of thing..

for laguna resort:
RM 10.00 (mask set) RM 30.00 (power mask) RM 10.00 (life jacket)

for redang bay:
RM 15.00 (life jacket), RM 15.00 (mask & snorkel) and RM 30.00 (power mask)

for pelangi resort:
mask & snorkel (RM10), power mask (RM20),life jacket (RM10)

stephy said...

then just d breakfast is buffet.. this all information is d agent tell me d..

XiawyeonG said...
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XiawyeonG said...

i may go work 1st