Friday, September 12, 2008


Every types of spec play their role; some may simply wear it for fun, for good looking, for overcome blur view or protecting. Why someone who wearing sunglasses look cool or very unpredictable if he/she just dumbfounded there? When a person’s eye was cover with a piece of black glass, nobody will what is his/her thinking without looking through the eyes. It is different when having an eye contact. Do you notice that?

Some may say by wearing a spectacle, the whole aspect of the person will change when view by others with different comments, I agree with that, just after I pick up my new spec and wear it in the optical shop, 

My father just say: “hey, you just look older with the spec!” 

Me: “……” 

Mom: “Your faces look slim!”

When at school, 

Jinz: “I feel that you are not so dull already”

Me: “…..”

Ys: “lustful you!”

Me: “!!!”

….what do you think?....


Jinz said...

wahaha, nice post. anyway. Your spec really make u not that "easy" to kena bully like be4.

sean said...