Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Data Game

Ever feel that not enough storage in your computer to the media you like?
But due to the rapid development of the storage devices are able to fulfill our ever-increasing need for faster and more realistic computer graphics, high res
olution movies with bonus features and the latest computer software.

Sometimes, we must lo
ok back,

Caches to caches
Data storage, dead or dying

TYPE: Audio Tape
DOB: 1929
RIP: 2007
Used as long ago as 1932 by the BBC, audio tape is one of the oldest recording media. But sales have bombed and in May last year Currys announced
it would no longer stock audio tape.

TYPE: Floppy disk
DOB: 1972
RIP: 2003
Once ubiquitous, floppy disks came under pressure from solid state memory, CDs and DVDs in the ’90s. In 2003, Dell announced it would stop includi
ng floppy disk drives in its computers.

TYPE: Video tape
DOB: 1951
RIP: 2003
VHS players are still available in a limited way, but since 2003, when the sales of DVDs outstripped video tapes for the first time, the video recorder h
as been a dead man walking.

DOB: 1982
RIP: 2011(predicted)
Downloads of singles now greatly outstrip the nu
mber of CD singles sold, and the number of CD albums sold is also in decline, so it’s just a matter of time before CDs are phased out altogether.

TYPE: USB stick
DOB: 1998
RIP: Perhaps never
Solid state memory chips have come a long way in a short time. With scientific developments it’s quite possible the technology can be pushed considerably further into the future.

TYPE: Blu-ray and HD-DVD
DOB: 2003
RIP: 2014(predicted)
These high definition multimedia disks may seem to have ample storage space compared to regular DVDs. But as soon as people start wanting to record HD-TV they won’t seem quite so big.

Although all these data storage devices will be replaced someday in the future, it makes a base for developers to produce more sophisticated, effective storage devices.


minami said...

mine 1 is memory card wf 128MB,bt urs is disket wf 1.44MB,
stil wana laugh at me pula~

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