Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is It Ghost?

Characters: Mom, Son and Lim the fate analyzer (风水师)


Mom: Mr.Lim, help my son, he act so weird recently, is he disturb by ghost?

(Mom bringing her 17 years old, thin and weak looking young man into the office)

Mom: This happened after we move into our new house, he can’t concentrate well and only gave us response after we shouted loudly at him, can you help me to find out what is the problem, and is it ghost or the “feng shui” of our new house?

Lim: How many of you in the house?

Mom: six people, me, my husband, 3 daughters and my son.

Lim: How was the room distribution?

Mom: I and my husband a room, my 3 daughters shared a room, and my son a roomby himself.

Lim: Before you move to the new house?

Mom: Before we move, me, my husband and my son in a room and my daughters a room. Lim, is it related to the ghost? (Curiously)

Lim: Can you show me the plan of your son room?

Mom: Sure, I draw it for you, desk in here, bed in there, computer, toilet…

Lim: Now, I will show you the way to handle the ghost.

1) the computer position is wrong, it should be place in living room, the magnetic field produced may attract the ghost

2) The entire books in the room must move to outside of the room to prevent the ghost to hide inside.

3) All windows, door even toilet door must 24 hours open, on the light when sleep, don’t cover blanket, if feel cold, just wear more shirt.

4) When bath, the don’t completely close the bathroom door, and set a time limit for bath(e.g. 15 minutes)

5) When your son sleep, use a DV to record down what happen on the bed, to make sure we can capture the ghost when they come.

Lim: Repeat all this for 49 days, but most important is the corporation from the family members. (Seriously)


After 49 days,

The 17 years old young man looks better than before when his mom bring him to Lim again.

The above story surely is nothing to do with “feng shui”, the ghost is actually the “sex inspiration” of the young man.

But how the 5 ways mentioned above can help to cure him?

1) There are many ghost in the computer, which is “sex ghost”, just a click, we can reach almost every website in the world, including porn website like Megarotic. The computer is move to the living room so that he can’t masturbate easily as in the locked room.

2) All the books are also move out of the room so that no porn magazine or book can’t hide between the books.

3) All the door and windows open, light on and can’t cover blanket is to expose him to the surrounding so that everyone in the house can easily know what he was doing.

4) The bathroom door is not close completely and time limiting is to prevent the “sex ghost “inside him to “react” so that he had no time to masturbate in that short time.

5) Really a DV is able to capture the ghost image? Just to control him so that he will not do what he like.

So, if your son face this kind of problem (or in the future), try the above method.

Of course, it is not use to catch the real ghost…


Anonymous said...

LOL! GOOD ONE! hahahahaha.. and they taught us in sex ed that masturbation is healthy for guys. == hhahhahaha..

John Ang said...

luckily my mom don't read blogs... If not i'm dead meat...hahaha... just kidding

To SuN said...

The young man quite pity if like tat..LOL..