Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Dead Donkey

A boy David move from town to a rural are, he buy a donkey from a farmer with 100 dollars.

The farmer agrees to bring him the donkey on the next day.

But the farmer come on the next and told David that the donkey was dead.

David: “Alright, you just give me back the money.”

Farmer: “I can’t, I already spend the money.”

David: “Ok, you just give me the dead donkey”

Farmer: “what are you going to do with the dead donkey?”

David: “I can’t use the dead donkey to become a lucky draw prize.”

Farmer: “no one will want a dead donkey!!”

David: “Don’t worry, I will never tell anybody.”

Several months later, farmer meets David.

Farmer: “How was the dead donkey?”

David: “I held a Lucky Draw Contest, and the donkey as the prize, sold out 500 tickets, 2 dollar each, with that, I get 998 dollars, minus away the 100 dollars that I give you to buy the donkey, I manage to earn 898 dollars.”

Farmer: “Why nobody unsatisfied with that?”

David: “Only the prize winner, so I gave back the 2 dollars to him.”

After many years later, David became a CEO of Enron Company.

The story above tells us that:

  1. We must think before act, overcome the obstacle ahead, so we can become the CEO of the company, XD.
  2. All CEO of company play cheat…