Sunday, July 6, 2008

How To Be Bill Gate The Second

  1. Get Yourself in Career Earlier

Bill Gate shows his great interest to computer since he is young. He studied varies computer course which help him the most in the future career.

  1. Identified Your Target and Stick To It

Bill Gate started his own software company when he is 17 years old and always dreamed about how to grow his company to become the biggest software company. Job counselor Andrea Kay said: “Bill spend almost the time to learn the skill and always think about ‘how to handle the problem, how to realize his own dream.’”

  1. Break The Tradition With Full Reason

School is not suitable for Bill, he also knew about that. Bill drop-out from university when he is 20 years old and start ‘Microsoft’. But you must take care of all the consequences when you are making such a decision.

  1. Hire Your Own Friends

Bill know Paul Allen (another founder of Microsoft) since he is 13 years old and meet Steve Balmer (present Microsoft CEO) when he study in Harvard. These shows that stable relationship between boss and workers is already exceed the working boundary, making them work with Bill with heart.

  1. Image Is Everything

Bill successfully change his image in is career. From a rebellious young billionaire to a Leader of one of the biggest company in the world and now he again turns himself to a donor which donates almost 99% of his wealth to the community.

  1. Never Stop Chasing Your Dream

Although Bill became billionaire when he is 38 years old, he never stops his innovation. His great interests to computer, causing him always try new things. So, just make sure your job is your interest.

  1. Know Yourself

In his whole career, Bill succeeds through his interest, from programming to welfare jobs. He never do the thing he didn’t believe.