Friday, July 11, 2008

Local Movie

A man rush to airport and said goodbye to his girlfriend>Love story
His girlfriend already get into the airplane, the man cried sorrow>sad story
The man take a stone and throw it to the airplane, the stone hits the airplane!!>comedy
Some passenger inside the cabin is being throwing up and down and their heads and body parts were cut off by the flying objects.>horror movie
The airplane land on the sea, a storm is coming…>disaster movie
A passenger performs a series of poses, the incoming storm stop suddenly> supernatural movie
But the wave is strong until it overturn, the landed airplane, four of the passengers just fly out and grab the plane and fly to the land.>superhero movie.

The man is chase by the police, he got a gun and shoot at them, the police look for cover.>police story
Policemen shoot at the man, the bullet just penetrate through his body without hurting him.>ghost story
All the bullet being used, the man fight against the police with martial art and jumping up and down across the street.>action movie
The man getting tired, he presses on his watch and transform to a super robot and fly away.>science and fiction movie
The man meets his girlfriend again, they live happily together.>the end.

That was call local movie, sometime I don’t even know what really happen in the whole movie…